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Visit Indiana / Indiana Destination Development Corporation (IDDC) helps power events and develop places throughout the state in an effort to promote, brand, and tell Indiana's authentic story to both attract and retain businesses, talent, students, and visitors. By submitting the form below, you are requesting sponsorship funding from IDDC.


Please review these guidelines when submitting the form:

  • Types of Sponsorships: IDDC will consider most types of sponsorships including events and programs. 
  • Multiple Submission: Please submit one form per request. If you need to make a change on the form, please reach out to us via email here.
  • In-State: We only consider funding projects/events in the State of Indiana.


Thank you so much for taking the time to request funding from IDDC. Please be patient as you wait for us to contact you.



Submission of this form does NOT guarantee any financial backing or support.

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Funding Request Form

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