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Life is Better IN Indiana

When high quality of life meets low cost of living, you've truly hit the jackpot. Indiana is the perfect balance of both! You'll find enriching and exciting professional opportunities, incredibly affordable housing, great schools and an incredible playground of adventure and entertainment.

Average Temperatures in Indiana

Flower Icon Spring


thermometer icon temperature High 62° F 17° C
thermometer icon temperature Low 41° F 5° C


Sun icon summer


thermometer icon temperature High 83° F 28° C
thermometer icon temperature Low 63° F 17° C


pumpkin icon fall


thermometer icon temperature High 65° F 18° C
thermometer icon temperature Low 44° F 7° C


snowflake icon winter


thermometer icon temperature High 37° F 3° C
thermometer icon temperature Low 21° F -6° C


Learn About Indiana Communities 

Between casual or fine dining, countless breweries and wineries, outdoor adventures, small-town charm or big city appeal, there’s plenty to explore wherever you are in Indiana! Select a city or region below to see what you could do this weekend (or maybe for the next few years).

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